Cisnadioara (Michelsberg) has almost the character of a mountain village. It is surrounded by forests and meadows. A small river passes through the village, on each side there are the German households, preserved in their traditional style.

To one side - towards the meadows - 10 km away there is Sibiu with its beautiful old buildings. To the other side there are the virgin mountains, and discovering them is an adventure for anyone.

Cisnadioara is also known for its fortified church . Events of any kind, theatre festivals and concerts are organized here. Although Michelsberg is growing in popularity, it has maintained its intimate character.

There are several food stores, cafes and restaurants in Cisnadioara, as well as a post office. There are several daily buses from Cisnadioara to Sibiu and Cisnadie (Heltau). For timetables see Arrival.